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4:30am Group Fitness Group Fitness Group Fitness Group Fitness Group Fitness
6:00am Group Fitness Group Fitness Group Fitness Group Fitness Group Fitness
8:00am Group Fitness
9:00am Group Fitness Group Fitness Group Fitness Group Fitness Group Fitness
10:00am Group Fitness
11:00am Barbell Club
3:00pm Semi-Private Training Semi-Private Training
5:00pm Group Fitness Group Fitness Group Fitness Group Fitness Group Fitness
6:15pm Group Fitness/ Barbell Club Barbell Club Group Fitness Group Fitness/Barbell Club Group Fitness/Barbell Club
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Group Fitness

Our Group Fitness classes are fun, challenging and community-based, giving you a personal training experience in a small-group setting. Small Group classes lead you to lasting community relationships with fellow athletes who will help keep you accountable and make working out fun. Regardless of where you are in your journey, our coaches will help you meet your goals in a welcoming and inclusive environment. Sign up for a Free Consult to learn how we can get you started now!

Personal Training

Personal Training is the most effective way to transform your body in the least amount of time. Your Coach will work with you 1-on-1 to build a custom plan to meet your goals and hold you accountable every step of the way. Whether you’re looking to get stronger, leaner, lose weight, build endurance or all of the above, our Coaches will build a program that is right for you and get you results fast. Schedule your Free Consult and start your journey today!

Nutritional Coaching

Nutrition Coaching will help you maximize your Fitness Journey! While your best hour of the day might be the one in the gym, what you do with the remaining 23 hours is critical to helping you meet your fitness goals. Whether you’re trying to build muscle, trim down or maintain your healthy fitness level, what you eat is key. Our Certified Coaches will help you build a plan, stick to your plan and encourage you to create healthy habits. Get a Free Consult to see how our programs can help you make the necessary lifestyle changes to get you to your fitness results faster than training alone.

Youth Training

Trust, cohesion, self-accountability, teamwork and confidence are critical traits that help youth become thriving adults. We use a fun combination of calisthenics, running, rowing, jumping, throwing, carrying, pushing, pulling, climbing and lifting to get kids to LOVE exercise and build these traits in a small-group environment designed for 6-12 year olds.

Barbell Club

Our 8-week Barbell Club courses will help you move better, have better technique, and get stronger. Each course includes a skill & strength assessment and goal-setting session. Based on your fitness goals, our USA Weightlifting Certified Coaches will build you a custom strength or Olympic Weightlifting plan and provide you world-class coaching in a fun, small-group setting. No experience is necessary, but class sizes are limited. Sign up for a Free Consult to learn how we can help you meet your fitness goals.

Our clients see incredible results

Achieve your goals at Rail Stop Fitness.

  • Day one

    Increased brain functions and boosted mood

  • Week one

    Improved energy and better health

  • Month one

    Increased metabolism, changes in muscle mass & overall fitness

  • Month three

    See-it-in-the-mirror results

  • Month six

    Compliments from friends/family & a healthier, more efficient heart

  • One year

    Increased life expectancy, better bone density and mental health


With membership options starting at $125 per month, we have a fitness solution for every budget. Learn more about our memberships, click the button below.

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