February 2023 Spotlight Athlete

Barbell Club
Raven Crushing her Deadlifts!

Meet Raven, Rail Stop Fitness’s February 2023 Spotlight Athlete. Raven had considered trying CrossFit, but came to CFRS when her friend, co-worker and CFRS member Tara invited her to come in for a Free Consult.  Before joining the gym, she classified her fitness as “nonexistent.”  She would go to school or work, then go home and “not do much of anything.”  After completing our Foundations Series and joining our group classes, Raven’s #1 achievement has been her increased energy level.  She even tries to schedule her work schedule around coming to classes so she can get in the gym even more.

In addition to having more energy, Raven has seen amazing improvements in how much she can lift.  While deadlifts are her favorite movement, she pretty much enjoys anything that involves a barbell.  Her favorite things about CFRS are the people in her classes and the coaches.  “Everyone is very friendly and helpful, always willing to help make sure your form is good and give pointers on how to get better.”

Raven’s gym buddies are Tara and her husband Mike.  Raven and Tara like to use their Apple watches to compete with each other, while Mike holds her accountable and won’t let her miss class without a “really good reason.”  When asked what she would say to someone considering joining Rail Stop Fitness, Raven says, “just give it a shot!  You won’t find a better, more welcoming group of people that want you to succeed in your fitness journey.  CrossFit can seem overwhelming, but everyone wants to see you succeed and help celebrate your victories!”

Congratulations and thank you to Raven for being our February 2023 Spotlight Athlete and sharing your fitness journey story!