January 2023 Spotlight Athlete

Meet Scott, Rail Stop Fitness’s January 2023 Spotlight Athlete. An Army Veteran who had experienced numerous injuries, Scott found himself in a challenging spot when it came to his nutrition and fitness.  His health problems came to a head in 2019 when his doctor told him he would either need to make changes or start taking medications.  After getting nutritional support and doing a ton of walking, Scott was ready to take his fitness to the next level when he heard about Rail Stop Fitness.  Thinking CrossFit was just “for young fit people,” but decided to start asking questions.  Just over a year ago, Scott decided to go through Foundations Classes to learn how to do the fundamental movements well and safely, and joined in group classes where, as he says, “I couldn’t get enough!”

Since joining, Scott has realized fitness is much more than about how much he weighs and how big his muscles are.  He’s greatly improved his aerobic activity level and realized how much of a full-body workout CrossFit provides, noting, “I have made more progress in my strength and endurance over the last 12 months then I ever did in my just under 8 years in the military.”  Scott set a goal to compete in a competition with some fellow athletes and, in October, he achieved that goal by competing in the Heartland Games where he completed “some of the most challenging workouts” he’s ever done and had tons of fun.

Scott’s favorite movement in the gym is the deadlift due to how foundational it is and the ability to measure your gains.  His favorite things about the gym are the “small classes and the feeling I don’t have to be a young fit athlete, and everyone is accepted no matter your fitness level.”  Scott is also motivated by, “seeing the coaches and athletes show up each day to class and giving it their all.”  When asked what he’d tell someone about starting at CFRS, he encouraged, “it’s never too late to start a new fitness journey and the great thing about CrossFit is any movement or activity can be scaled for any athlete to help them reach their goals.  I didn’t start CrossFit until later in life and I am hooked.”

Congratulations and thank you to Scott for being our First 2023 Spotlight Athlete.