June 2023 Spotlight Athlete – Iris

Meet Iris – Our June 2023 Spotlight Athlete

Iris quickly saw improvements both physically and mentally stating, “I feel optimistic about myself regardless of everyday stressful situations.”  She went on to note, “I have learned to make good choices with nutrition, which has led to improved overall health.”  Iris’ biggest achievement has been getting stronger and having more endurance.  “I never thought I could lift or run.  It looked intimidating at first, but I am getting better at it and it feels amazing.”  Going on to point out, “this is huge for me since my daughter is non-ambulatory and requires a lot of lifting and transfers.”

When asked about her favorite aspect of CFRS, she said, “I love that it is a community and everyone has your back.”  Additionally, “all of the coaches are amazing! Coach Mel taught me everything to be successful in my fitness journey and pushes me hard.  Coach Marissa helped me get better at my form and is very patient.  I love them and look up to them.”  She points to Bobbie as her gym buddy who, “is my greatest motivator.  I want to be like her!”

If someone is on the fence about considering starting their fitness journey, Iris stresses, “the time is now! No matter what level of fitness you are in, CFRS will help you get where you want to be.” Going on to say that, “if you want to be surrounded by wonderful people with similar goals who will make every workout fun and exciting, this is your place!”  Congratulations and thank you to Iris for being our June Athlete Spotlight and sharing your fitness journey story!