May 2023 Spotlight Athlete – Sara

Meet Sara – Our May 2023 Spotlight Athlete

Meet Sara, Rail Stop Fitness’s May 2023 Spotlight Athlete. Sara joined CFRS in June 2022 when she started Foundations classes and joined Group CrossFit Classes in July.  Prior to joining the gym she’d always been active and an avid runner, but when COVID hit and she joined the 50+ Club, Sara found her motivation was impacted and she was looking for a way to get it back.  Sara had a friend who started CrossFit and was getting stronger and more defined, so, after driving by CFRS every day, she decided to set up a Free Consult.

Sara noted that her biggest health achievements since starting has been, “all my aches and pains from old injuries have gone away and I feel stronger and just better and happier.”  She went on to say, “I no longer hate burpees and I can do a kipping handstand push up!”  An awesome achievement that comes with her stellar dedication and attendance.  While burpees and handstand push ups are fun, Sara’s favorite skill is an Olympic Weightlifting movement, the Clean, where she is always surprising herself with personal records (back to the dedication). 

The CFRS comradery and support are Sara’s favorite things about CFRS.  “While they encourage you to push yourself, no one makes you feel bad if you need to scale your weights down for a workout or if you finish last.  Everyone is a mixed bag of strengths and weaknesses.”  Sara’s workout buddies include Bobbi, April and Lisa, who she can, “count on for partner workouts.”  

When asked what she’d say to someone who is considering trying CFRS, she says, “just try it!  Give it a couple months and you will see results!”  Congratulations and thank you to Sara for being our May 2023 Spotlight Athlete and sharing your fitness journey story!